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--Spencer's Face

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88,000 words approximately

Spencer is a boy shunned by most of the girls at Buckeye Union High. Luckily Taylor isn't like most girls. She sees Spencer for who he is inside. She falls for him deeper than she's ever fallen for anyone. Convincing Spencer that he's the boy of her dreams isn't going to be easy.

This story is sexually explicit, describing sex in detail.

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--Spencer's Dream

Price: $2.99 on Amazon now.

43,000 words approximately

Book 2 in the Buckeye Hawks series follows Spencer and Taylor from the first book, Spencer's Face. They have been married for over two years and have a beautiful two year old daughter, Destiny. Their lives are seemingly perfect in their hometown of Buckeye, that is until Spencer's next job walks into their lives and turns it completely upside down. Spencer soon discovers what his dream actually is and how he can achieve it. Will their marriage and family survive the changes coming their way?

This story is sexually explicit, describing sex in detail.

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-- General Rule

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Working out in his company gym, a businessman meets the hottest Southern girl he's ever seen. Tony Costa is immediately attracted to Kaylie Hall for her scrumptious good looks, so he doesn't miss his chance to ask her out. She's smart, gorgeous, talented, and everything he's ever wanted in a woman. As he gets to know her better, he learns that she's perfect for him.

Then, he discovers that she has a son. As a general rule, he never dates women with children. Is he willing to break that rule for this sweet Southern chance at happiness? Is he ready to see what a single mother and her nine-month-old son can do to his bachelor lifestyle? Tony decides to break his general rule for three weeks on a trial basis. What does a country girl have to offer a businessman? So many things that he didn't know he was missing.

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-- Heaven or Cell

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Zack is a man who tragically loses his wife to a car accident. He can't fathom being without the love of his life. He has to continue on for his daughter's sake, who is acting peculiar, and making believe that she can speak to her mother through her cell phone.

Kyndall is a wife and a mother, whose life ends way too soon. Her husband and her daughter are stricken with grief over her death. She fights against going to heaven. More than anything, she wants to find a way to communicate with her family after her death.

Can her love for her family conquer even death as a ghost?

This is a supernatural sweet short romance. It's an emotional roller coaster ride full of action, humor, and sadness. If you want to laugh and cry all in the same book, then this is the paranormal romance for you. I personally would rate this a PG-13.

Thank you for my excellent review on this book!!! Good reviews make me feel pretty darn good.

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